“Azar Kian Holding” has many valuable experiences in the field of international transport of goods and oil, gas and petrochemical derivatives trading. This holding group operates in several areas of international trade simultaneously through companies under its management:

Azar kian Holding Subsidiary companies are as follows:

  • Azar kian Pardis International Transportation Company
  • Azar kian Paya International Transportation Company
  • Ashkan Trabar Abivard International Transportation Company
  • Asian Star Aria International Transportation Company

This complex has been operating in the field of foreign transit of goods from all borders of Iran by having Iranian and non-Iranian trucks under its registration. Also by purchasing products of refineries & petrochemicals from well-known Iranian and Iraqi manufacturers, this holding can offer great export services to the final suppliers/buyers.

In general, the services this holding is offering are as follows:

International Transportation:

  • Collecting D/O , performing customs clearance and formalities
  • Warehousing and customs clearance
  • Discharging and reloading general cargo
  • Transport document Issuance and obtaining insurance for international cargo transportation
  • Transportation from all major ports to Iran and vice versa
  • 24-hour customer service, seven days a week

Bitumen & LPG export & transit:

  • Bitumen purchase and sell
  • LPG purchase and sell
  • Customs clearance
  • Export and delivery of bitumen in barrels and jumbo