International Transport


Due to its location on communication highways, Iran is one of the most popular countries in the Middle East in international transportation. Being located on the border of Asia and Europe, having access to international waters in the south, being wide and having a large number of neighbors, roads and vast railways have given Iran geographically advantages that few countries blessed.

We are an international transportation expert and thanks to the extensive international network, we can provide the best shipping service to our valued customers and offer beneficial advice and competitive prices.

Freight Forwarding:

Forwarding refers to services in which a person or a firm arranges the transfer of goods from one country to another. Azar Kian Holding staff is proud to provide all the steps of forwarding procedures in the shortest time and as soon as possible. Our freight forwarding services are the follow:

  • Concluding a transport contract
  • Cargo collection and storage
  • Obtaining clearance
  • Perform all formalities and customs operations at the place of origin
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Transport order
  • Issuance of bill of lading and insurance
  • Reporting to the owners of the goods based on the type of the contract
  • Delivery of the goods to the destination customs

International Road Transport:

A large volume of this Holding activity is dedicated to the road transit of goods from the southern of Iran to it’s neighboring countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan).

All the companies of this holding, with their Iranian and non-Iranian fleets, are able to provide the fastest road transit services.

The road transit services of Azar Kian Holding are as follows:

  Issue CMR and obtain tracking code

  • Obtaining visas and other transport documents for drivers
  • Unloading, storage and loading in free zone areas/border customs
  • Transshipment
  • Karnet TIR Issuance

Railroad Transportation:

Rail transportation is another method that this holding uses for the transit of goods. Rail transport is a convenient mechanism for transporting all kinds of cargo and goods on a large scale. Having large cabins, which will be used based on the type of cargo, the trains have the ability to carry large goods safely and quickly through the country’s railways.

Azar Kian Holding Rail Transportation Services are as follow:

  • Carrying out customs affairs in the customs of the country of entry
  • Obtaining a transportation license from the Rail Transportation Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Carrying out customs formalities and issuing bill of lading
  • Rail freight services
  • Cargo transshipment from container to wagon
  • Unloading
  • Unload and move to the warehouse
  • Stuffing goods inside the containers at warehouses

Maritime Transportation:

Maritime transport has gained a high position in countries due to its impact on the cost of goods so having attention to this mode of transport has found a vital role in the current arena of free trade and the highly competitive environment among owners of industries and raw materials.

We are able to provide the best services by having experienced agencies, located in the southern ports of the country for customs clearance, doing customs formalities and port affairs.

Marine Services of Azar Kian Holding are as follow:

  • Container rental
  • Combined shipping services
  • Stuffing services
  • Handling and relocation services
  • Bulk goods services
  • Booking, loading and sealing the container
  • Receive and send OBL and marine insurance